Sentence Examples

  • On the 25th of January he took charge of Llan yn Mowddwy (14 m.
  • � Oxl d 2x 77n If we have new variables z such that zs=4s(yl, Y2,...yn), we have also z s =1 Y 8(x1, x2,���xn), and we may consider the three determinants which i s 7xk, the partial differential coefficient of z i, with regard to k .
  • We can solve these, assuming them independent, for the - i ratios yl, y2,...yn-i� Now a21A11 +a22Al2 � � � = 0 a31A11+a32Al2 +� �� +a3nAln = 0 an1Al1+an2Al2 +���+annAln =0, and therefore, by comparison with the given equations, x i = pA11, where p is an arbitrary factor which remains constant as i varies.
  • � � x0 yn � This must not be confused with the use of suffixes to denote particular terms of a series or a progression (as in � 41 (viii.) and (ix.)).
  • In the applications with which we are concerned, t, n are very small quantities; and we may take P = x yn - At the same time dS may be identified with dxdy, and in the de nominator p may be treated as constant and equal to f.