Sentence Examples

  • Tasha Yar - Chief Security Officer for the Enterprise 1701-D, Yar died in the line of duty, although an alternate timeline sent her back in time where she was captured by Romulans and gave birth to a daughter.
  • However, when The Next Generation aired, security officer Tasha Yar, played by Denise Crosby, died by the end of the first season in the episode Skin of Evil because she wanted to leave the show.
  • Osman continued his victorious career against the Greeks, and by his valour and also through allying himself with Keusse Mikhal, lord of Harman Kaya, became master of Ainegeul, Bilejik and Yar Hissar.
  • His marriage with Mal Khatun, the daughter of the learned sheikh Edbali, has been surrounded by poetical legend; he married his son Orkhan to the beautiful Greek Nilofer, daughter of the lord of Yar Hissar, whom he carried off from her destined bridegroom on her marriage-day; the fruits of this union were Suleiman Pasha and Murad.
  • The administration of the whole of the states on the right bank of the Oxus, down to the Russian boundary line at Ichka Yar, is now in the hands of Bokhara, including Karateghin - which the Russians have transferred to it from Khokand - and Darwaz at the entrance to the Pamir highlands.

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