Sentence Examples

  • In 2003, Walker co-wrote the western novel Yaqui Gold with popular author Kirby Jonas.
  • In this connexion Yaqui tells a curious story of the opening of one of the tombs by the caliph, which in spite of fabulous incidents, recalling the legend of Roderic the Goth, shows some traces of local knowledge.
  • And discharge into the Gulf of California, viz.: the Altar, or Asuncion, Sonora, Yaqui and Mayo.
  • The longest is the Yaqui, which has its source on the eastern side of the Sierra Tarahumare in Chihuahua and breaks through several ranges of the Sierra Madre before reaching the gulf near Guaymas.
  • The most eastern of these are known as the Sierra Tarahumare and Sierra del Durango, and the most western as the Sierra del Nazareno, Sierra Yaqui and Sierra Fuerte.