Sentence Examples

  • Xylem and protophloem alone are differentiated) being very much shorter than in the stem.
  • Differentiation of the xylem progresses outwards, of the phloem inwards, but the two tissues never meet in the centre.
  • The xylem being centrifugal and the m, Medullary bundles.
  • After the cambium has been active for some time producing secondary xylem and phloem, the latter consisting of sievetubes, phloem-parenchyma and frequently thick-walled fibres, a second cambium is developed in the pericycle; this produces a second vascular zone, which is in turn followed by a third cambium, and so on, until several hollow cylinders are developed.
  • Occasionally happens that groups of (After Worsdell.) xylem and phloem are developed pd, Periderm in leaf-bases.