Sentence Examples

  • I want to digress a moment to note that reports of strange aerial phenomena are not peculiar to the post WWII period.
  • Free French flag, during WWII, the Free French forces fighting against the Vichy regime and Germany, inserted a red cross of Lorraine (a symbol of Joan of Arc's fight against foreign invaders) on the white stripe of the tricolour.
  • After that owner's death in 1922, the home remained empty throughout the Depression and WWII, with the grounds becoming the 1940s equivalent of a lover's lane for Little Rock's courting youth.
  • During your time in Charleston you can tour of an antebellum mansion, climb aboard a WWII aircraft carrier or experience what life was like centuries ago at one of the city's many museums.
  • These kinds of parodies remained popular through the first part of the 20th century and in fact formed the foundation for many songs popular with troops during WWI and WWII.

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