Wronge Definition

1753, Theophilus Cibber, The Lives of the Poets of Great Britain and Ireland.
Of the Envious MAN and the MISER. Of Jupiter thus I find ywrite, How, whilom, that he woulde wite, Upon the plaintes, which he herde Among the men, how that it farde, As of her wronge condition To do justificacion.
1524, Leonard Cox, The Art or Crafte of Rhetoryke.
And this state is negociall or iuridiciall / whiche con[-] teyneth the right or wronge of the dede.
1474, Caxton, Game and Playe of the Chesse.
For by his grete cruelte he putte them alle to deth that displesid hym/ he put hym self in paryll of deth/ And louyd and chees rather to dye than lenger to lyue: The euyll lyf and diffamed of a kynge is the lyf of a cruell beste/ And ought not longe to be susteyned/ For he destroyeth hym that displesith hym/ And therfore reherceth valerius/ that ther was a wise man named theodore cerem whom his kynge dyde do hange on the crosse for as moche as he repreuyd hym of his euyll & fowll lyf And all way as he was in the torment he said to y'e kynge/ upon thy counceyllours & them that ben cladd in thy clothynge & robes were more reson that this torment shold come/ For as moche as they dar not saye to the The trouthe for to do Justice right wysly/ of my self I make no force whether I dye on the lande or on the water or otherwyse &c as who sayth he recched not to dye for Justice/ In lyke wyse as democreon the philosophre put out his owen eyen be cause he wold not see that no good myght come to the euyll and vicyous peple wyth out right And also defortes the philosophre as he went toward his deth/ his wyf that folowed after hym saide that he was dampned to deth wrongfully/ than he answerd and sayd to her/ holde thy peas and be styll/ hit is better and more merytorye to dye by a wronge and unrightfull Jugement/ than that I had deseruyd to dye.

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