Sentence Examples

  • The science behind the slow and steady cooking of main courses or complete meals meant the family's schedule was uninterrupted as moms joined the workforce to improve the family's economic and financial circumstances.
  • Second, if everybody had the opportunity to log on to Facebook or check their personal e-mail throughout the day, the time wasted doing so would lower productivity in the workforce or keep students from paying attention at school.
  • Once licensed, applicants can use the Alaska Labor Exchange System (ALEXsys) to find work.ALEXsys is a system developed for people looking for work through the Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development.
  • The generation of that decade were spreading their cultural wings, wrapping their minds around concepts like "equality", "equal pay for equal work" and grappling with large numbers of women in the workforce.
  • Edward Dickinson Bullard, a prominent American constructionist, required his workforce to wear hard leather hats when working in an industrial setting, believing that it would promote safety and decrease casualties across the board.