Sentence Examples

  • Woodhouse), Jewish Ency.
  • He studied at Woodhouse Grove, at the University of London, and, after removing to America in 1832, at the medical school of the University of Pennsylvania in 1835-1836.
  • Woodhouse, Aetolia (Oxford, 1897); M.
  • For detailed information regarding jute, the cloths made from it and the machinery used, see the following works: Watts's Dictionary of the Economic Products of India; Royle's Fibrous Plants of India; Sharp's Flax, Tow and Jute Spinning; Leggatt's Jute Spinning; Woodhouse and Milne's Jute and Linen Weaving; and Woodhouse and Milne's Textile Design: Pure and Applied.
  • The grammar school, occupying a Gothic building (1858) at Woodhouse Moor, dates its foundation from 1552.