Where Definition

wâr, hwâr
In or at what place?
Where is the car?
Webster's New World
In what situation or position.
Where will we be if we lose?
Webster's New World
To or toward what place or point?
Where did he go?
Webster's New World
In what respect?
Where is she to blame?
Webster's New World
From what place or source?
Where did you get your information?
Webster's New World
In or at what place.
He knows where they are.
Webster's New World
In or at which place.
We came home, where we had dinner.
Webster's New World
In or at the place or situation in which.
He is where he should be.
Webster's New World
In whatever place, situation, or respect in which.
There is never peace where men are greedy.
Webster's New World
To or toward the place to which.
The bus will take you where you're going.
Webster's New World
What or which place.
Where do you come from?
Webster's New World
The place or situation in, at, or to which.
He lives two miles from where he works.
Webster's New World
What place, source, or cause.
Where are you from?
American Heritage
In which.
Show me an example where increasing supply has actually increased demand.
American Heritage
The place (of an event)
To announce the when and where of the marriage.
Webster's New World

Which, what, whom: compounded with prepositions to form compound relative and interrogative pronouns.

Ofwhereof (“of which, of what, of whom")

Origin of Where

  • From Middle English wher, quher, from Old English hwÇ£r (“where", literally “at what place"), from Proto-Germanic *hwar (“where"), from Proto-Indo-European *kÊ·o- (interrogative pronoun). Cognate with Scots quhare (“where"), West Frisian wêr (“where"), Dutch waar (“where"), German wo (“where"), Danish hvor (“where"), Icelandic hvar (“where"); related to Old English hwā (“who"). More at who.

    From Wiktionary

  • Middle English from Old English hwǣr kwo- in Indo-European roots

    From American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition

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