Sentence Examples

  • Study the three different ways you can weight train, the benefits of including weightlifting in your workout and precautions you should take to keep yourself safe while building strength and muscle mass.
  • Now, what is effective for a beginner is probably not quite enough for a veteran lifter, while the efficient weightlifting technique for the veteran almost certainly isn't safe for the beginner.
  • When beginning with weightlifting techniques, your first and foremost priority at this point is to learn the proper movements without overdoing it or getting sloppy so that you pull something.
  • Weightlifting exercise charts can be purchased (typically nicer printed versions or computer software with various bells and whistles) or downloaded and printed on your home printer for free.
  • The Coach's Guide To Sport Strength Training With Companion Olympic Weightlifting DVD gives you many of the strength training techniques Olympic athletes use to keep them flexible and strong.