Sentence Examples

  • Three Fat Bastards and a Black Beyotch (winning team) versus the Eastsiders: Actor Daniel Baldwin, team captain for the Eastsiders, did not show up for the final weigh-in after going AWOL mid-season.
  • Cash may be a valuable commodity in real life, but it's the immunity prize (not being eligible to be voted off after the next weigh-in) that contestants often want to win.
  • Dr. Ian Smith, who wrote the book The Fat Smash Diet, begins each weigh-in by having the celebrity stand on the scale as he tells them their loss or gain for the week.
  • Along with the access to the prepackaged, portioned meals and snacks, a visit to the center provides personal counseling and private weigh-in on a weekly basis.
  • The Biggest Loser Final Four have to navigate each of these challenges -plus the weigh-in- successfully each week to be one the last ones standing.