Sentence Examples

  • For a similar price you can also purchase the Juicy Flannel Weekender which, although parallel in style to the Toile Weekender, this bag packs a flannel punch that is perfect for those "lodge-type" holiday vacations.
  • A denim weekender or a slouchy washed leather backpack for example, a type of bag that you can throw over your shoulder and head out to have some fun ( or tackle some errands), is a great weekend purse.
  • In fact, this bag isn't large enough to hold skis, so when asked about your missing sports equipment you can just pat your Juicy weekender solemnly and say, "No room in this baby."
  • Toss Designs Printed Resort Weekender: This rectangular duffel style carry on is distinctive with its black and white circular print and lime green handles.
  • Pet Weekender Bag: When it's time to hit the road for a few days of rest and relaxation, the Pet Weekender Bag may be the perfect option.

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