Sentence Examples

  • Numerous measurements have been made of the wavelengths of the brightest.
  • A body which absorbs all radiations of all wavelengths would be called a "perfectly black body."
  • In another direction, making a small angle with the last, such that the projection of AB upon it amounts to a few wavelengths, it is easy to see that the mode of interference is the same as if there were no ruling.
  • If a collective system be corrected for the axis point for a definite wave-length, then, on account of the greater dispersion in the negative components - the flint glasses; - over-correction will arise for the shorter wavelengths (this being the error of the negative components), and under-correction for the longer wave-lengths (the error of crown glass lenses preponderating in the red).
  • The enclosed area for each temperature represents the total emission of energy for that temperature, the abscissae are the wavelengths, and the ordinates the corresponding intensities of emission for that wave-length.