Sentence Examples

  • Like Umbrian also, but unlike Latin and Oscan, it has degraded all the diphthongs into simple vowels (Volscian se parallel to Oscan svai; Volscian deue, Old Latin and Oscan deivai or deiuoi).
  • The consonants are for the most part reproduced pretty distinctly, but not the vowels as yet in an equal degree."
  • Neither system completely differentiates long and short vowels; the Nestorian scheme is the more satisfactory, though more cumbrous.
  • The accent plays much less part in lengthening and altering the vowels in Syriac than in Hebrew, but there are well-marked cases of lengthening from this cause.
  • These pronominal suffixes are of much the same form as in Hebrew, but produce less change in the vowels of the words to which they are attached.