Sentence Examples

  • Jon Stephenson von Tetzchner, CEO of Opera, said that the company started development of an Opera web browser for the iPhone, but the development was halted when they discovered that Apple would not allow it.
  • The company is also involved in creating celebrity gems, most notably from locks of Ludwig Von Beethoven's hair, and these specialized diamonds may become a popular celebrity fundraiser in the future.
  • Miami Ink is a reality show on The Learning Channel (TLC) that features some of the top tattoo artists like Kat von D, Ami James, Chris Garver, Chris Nuñez, Darren Brass and Yojiro "Yoji" Harada.
  • In the early 2000s, the Pavlik harness and von Rosen splint are commonly used in infants up to the age of six months to spread the legs apart and force the head of the femur into the acetabulum.
  • Designer denim, from 7 for All Mankind and Joe's Jeans, to fabulous clothing namesakes like Diane Von Furstenberg and Elle MacPherson, there is a line to please everyone's taste in clothing.