Sentence Examples

  • This can be food from the mouth, a foreign object or substance that has entered the mouth, or regurgitated stomach contents (vomitus) aspirated into the lungs as it travels to the mouth.
  • During the weeks of healing the patient is limited to a liquid diet sipped through a straw and must be careful not to choke or vomit since he cannot open his mouth to expel the vomitus.
  • The doctor will usually have the patient sit upright or lie on one side and will remove blood clots, broken teeth, vomitus, or other foreign bodies from the nose or throat.
  • A doctor should be notified if vomiting is heavy and/or bloody, if the vomitus looks like feces, or if the affected person has been unable to keep food down for 24 hours.
  • The fluid accumulation and reduced absorption lead to bilious vomiting, which is the vomitus will appear greenish, the classic sign of upper intestinal obstruction.

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