Sentence Examples

  • Beaulieu-Mareonnay, Karl von Dalberg and seine Zeit (Weimar, 1879).
  • Occur in the British Museum, the Bodleian Library, the Bibliotheque Nationale of France, and also in Rome, Weimar and Berlin.
  • In fact, after the flight of the king and the subsequent suppression of the riots, a warrant was issued for his arrest; and he had barely time to escape to Weimar, where Liszt was at that moment engaged in preparing Tannhauser for performance, before the storm burst upon him with alarming violence.
  • Two words I wrote to Liszt; his answer was the news that preparations were being made for the performance of the work, on the grandest scale that the limited means of Weimar would permit.
  • Lohengrin was, in fact, produced at Weimar under Liszt's direction on the 28th of August 1850.