Sentence Examples

  • When both parties reach a point where anger, vindictiveness and blame no longer play a large role, the path to some measure of wedded bliss (or harmony, or at least contentment) lies before them.
  • The whole business seems to have been purely a piece of vindictiveness on the part of Biren.
  • Giannettino was murdered, but the conspirators were defeated, and Andrea showed great vindictiveness in punishing them.
  • After the Yorkist failure at Ludlow in 1459, it was Margaret's vindictiveness that embittered the struggle by, a wholesale proscription of her opponents in the parliament at Coventry.
  • Whether the chief cause of this humiliation was Grant's vindictiveness at Sumner's opposition to his San Domingo project or a genuine fear that the impossible demand, which he insisted should be made upon England, would wreck the prospect of a speedy and honourable adjustment with that country, cannot be determined.