Sentence Examples

  • Vinogradoff has illuminated the subject in his Villainage inEngland (1892) and his English Society in the rith century (1908).
  • Elton, Commons and Waste Lands; P. Vinogradoff, Villainage in England.
  • VILLENAGE (VILLAINAGE, VILLANAGE, VILLEINAGE), a medieval term (from villa, villanus), pointing to serfdom, a condition of men intermediate between freedom and slavery.
  • BIBLIOGRAPHY.-P. Vinogradoff, Villainage in England (Oxford, 1892) Pollock and Maitland, History of English Law (1895), book ii.
  • Maitland, Domesday Book and Beyond (1897) P. Vinogradoff, Villainage in England (1892) and Growth of the Manor; A.