Sentence Examples

  • An Ursuline convent, built in 1764, serves as hotel de ville and law court, and a church of the 14th century is used as a market.
  • Two richly and elaborately carved chimney-pieces in the hotel de ville merit special notice.
  • Topobibliographie (Montbeliard, 1894-1899); and Waltz, Bibliographic de la ville de Colmar (Miilhausen, 1902).
  • The Ville Haute, which is reached by staircases and steep narrow thoroughfares, is intersected by a long, quiet street, bordered by houses of the 15th, 16th and 17th centuries.
  • He retired to Marnes near Ville d'Avray to escape the Terror, but was sought out and summarily condemned to death "for having flattered the despots of Vienna and London."