Sentence Examples

  • The unexpected monikers are the brainchildren of Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, OPI's executive vice-president and color designer.
  • Already the Liberal ministers, Falk and Hobrecht, had resigned, as well as Max von Forckenbeck the president, and Stauffenberg the vice-president of the Reichstag; in their place there were chosen a Conservative, and the Catholic Baron von Franckenstein.
  • In the year of a presidential election the citizen may be called upon to vote at one time for all of the following: (1) National candidates - president and vice-president (indirectly through the electoral college) and members of the House of Representatives; (2) state candidates - governor, members of the state legislature, attorney-general, treasurer, &c.; (3) county candidates - sheriff, county judges, district attorney, &c.; (4) municipal or town candidates - mayor, aldermen, selectmen, &c. The number of persons actually voted for may therefore be ten or a dozen, or it may be many more.
  • Schofield at Franklin, and on the 15th-16th of December was utterly defeated by Thomas at Nashville, the Federals thus securing virtually undisputed control of the state.1 After the occupation of the state by the Federal armies in 1862 Andrew Johnson was appointed military governor by the president (confirmed March 3, 1862), and held the office until inaugurated vice-president on the 4th of March 1865.
  • From the first he took an important place in the chamber, as one of the most notable orators of the Progressist Republican group. In January 1896 he was elected vice-president of the chamber, and henceforth devoted himself to the struggle against the Left, not only in parliament, but also in public meetings throughout France.