Sentence Examples

  • Up until now, there has been no viable alternative.
  • We have recently been experimenting with heat meters, to see whether the possibility of charging via their readings is viable.
  • While many books are also on the market, a good DVD is a viable substitute for a yoga instructor if you don't live near enough to a yoga studio, no one nearby teaches the style you're interested in, or you can't afford the yoga classes.
  • These diets are not suitable for every dieter, so if you are tempted to follow one of these diets it is important that you talk with your doctor first to see if it is a viable weight loss option for you based on your medical history.
  • Donor options: In some cases, donor eggs or sperm may need to be used if there is not enough time to collect viable samples from the patient before undergoing treatment or if fertility isn't achieved using the original eggs or sperm.