Sentence Examples

  • You could also opt for a Santa Baby-type costume for women, which includes a crimson colored spaghetti strap dress trimmed in faux rabbit fur, a velour belt withe shiny metal buckle, fur boot covers, and velvet gloves with fur trim.
  • Beginning with a slew of catchy T-shirts, the pair moved on to design the ubiquitous Juicy velour tracksuits that swept through the fashion world leaving practically no celebrities unconverted.
  • If the velour is cotton, it will work well to wick moisture and water away from your body; if it is polyester, it will not wick away moisture and will not allow your skin to "breathe."
  • First known for distinctive velour tracksuits endorsed by celebrities such as Madonna and Cameron Diaz, Juicy's modern style has embraced t-shirts, jeans, and other accessories.
  • Women's Velvety Velour Robe: This velvety soft zip-front robe features a rounded collar, front slit for ease of movement, and embroidered collar and cuff embellishments.

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