Sentence Examples

  • (Danish).3 It was, however, ascertained that there is a great difference between the velocities of the glaciers in winter and in summer.
  • The empirical data on which the hydrodynamical investigations are based are: (I) observed velocities and directions of oceanic currents and drifts; (2) salinity; (3) density; (4) temperature of the sea water in situ; (5) oceanic soundings.
  • The velocities in unit field-he takes to be 1 3 X300 for the positive, and I.
  • The result has been that wind velocities published in many official publications have of ten been in error by nearly 5 0%.
  • He initiated in 1866 the spectroscopic observation of sunspots; applied Doppler's principle in 1869 to determine the radial velocities of the chromospheric gases; and successfully investigated the chemistry of the sun from 1872 onward.