Sentence Examples

  • To Italy was assigned the northern half of the Dalmatian mainland as far as Cape Planka, and all the islands save Krk (Veglia) and Rab (Arbe) in the N., Solta and Brazza in front of Spalato, and the few which lie to the south of Meleda.
  • M.), which stretches into the Adriatic Sea between the Gulf of Trieste and the Gulf of Quarnero, and the islands of Veglia, Cherso, Lussino and others.
  • 9,603 Lecki Pass (Wyttenwasser Glen to the Mutten Glen), snow 9,554 Passo Rotondo (Airolo to Oberwald), snow 9,449 Kaltwasser Pass (Simplon Hospice to Veglia Alp), snow.
  • 9,082 Ritter Pass (Binn to Veglia Alp), snow.
  • The Uskoks retaliated by ravaging the Venetian islands of Veglia, Arbe and Pago, and by using the Venetian territories in Dalmatia as an avenue of attack upon the Turks.

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