Sentence Examples

  • The mother smoothed the folds of her dyed silk dress before a large Venetian mirror in the wall, and in her trodden-down shoes briskly ascended the carpeted stairs.
  • It was an independent republic, generally taking the Guelph side in the 13th century, subject to rulers of the house of Polentani in the 14th, Venetian in the 15th (1441), and papal again in the 16th, - Pope Julius II.
  • Indeed, it was not so much a principality as a municipal republic of the Venetian type.
  • Of State Pap. England and Spain, Venetian and Foreign (1558-1559), p. 5 2 5 (an account full of obvious errors); Cotton MSS.
  • In the Venetian districts the farmers often have small stationary flocks.