Sentence Examples

  • Certain corrosive vapors trigger the body to flood the lungs with fluids, effectively drowning the person.
  • Materials that are so harmful that they can't be destroyed because of vapors are usually a bad sign.
  • Warm Mist Filter Free Humidifier - This unit has a medicine tray where you can add vapors or scents.
  • These may include tobacco smoke; household cleaners (ammonia and chlorine bleach) and furniture polish; ozone and other air pollutants; cocaine; and glue, paint thinners, solvents, and similar household products that produce toxic vapors.
  • Open windows or otherwise ventilate the room when using ammonia, chlorine bleach, oven cleaner, degreasers, spray paints, dry cleaning fluid, furniture polish, or other household products that give off strong vapors at room temperature.