Sentence Examples

  • His career was distinguished by uprightness, by piety, by a devotion to duty, by courage and consistency.
  • The uprightness and good sense of its leaders did not compensate for the weakness of their political connexions.
  • The agricultural labourer has preserved the uprightness, diligence and sobriety which characterize the Turkish peasant; but the richer inhabitants of the cities are grossly sensual.
  • Of these the two most fundamental were (as has been already indicated) wisdom - in its highest form philosophy - and that harmonious and regulated activity of all the elements of the soul which Plato regards as the essence of uprightness in social relations (&Kac06uv77) .
  • His convictions gained weight from the simplicity, uprightness and diligence of his character; but they need a more effective justification than he was able to give them.