Sentence Examples

  • It was generally understood that Gladstone intended to deal with three great Irish grievances the three branches of the Glad- upas tree the religious, agricultural and educa stones tional grievances.
  • In two sessions two branches of the upas tree hnd been summarily cut off.
  • His methods were doubtless known also to the French physiologist Magendie, who improved upon them, and who in 1809 published a research on the Upas Tieute and other strychnine-containing plants, in which he showed that their effects were due to an action on the spinal cord.
  • - This group-name has been given to a large number of substances which have an action similar to that of the foxglove leaves, including the active principles of strophanthus, squill, Urechites suberecta, Convallaria majalis, Nerium Oleander, Helleborus niger, Antiaris toxicaria (the upas tree), and several others.

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