Sentence Examples

  • Note that some individuals may need to undergo a series of treatments if their age spots are very dark or unresponsive to single treatments, and that proper sun protection is absolutely essential in order to see continued results over time.
  • With a score of 0-3, the newborn is unresponsive, pale, limp, and may not have a pulse; therefore, an infant with a score of 0-3 needs immediate resuscitation.
  • The child's mother may be unresponsive to the child because of maternal depression, substance abuse, or overwhelming personal problems that interfere with her ability to be consistent and nurturing for the child.
  • Most people go through a series of other tests and often get other diagnoses, most commonly refractory (unresponsive) asthma, before they have a laryngoscopy and receive a definite diagnosis of VCD.
  • When his masseuse found him unresponsive, she called Mary-Kate for help rather than calling an ambulance, which caused rumors of a relationship between the two.