Sentence Examples

  • While the freestyle swimming technique actually refers to any unregulated swim stroke during the course of competition, many people use this term as a substitute for the front crawl since it's the most widely used freestyle stroke.
  • In the United States, the herbal products market is still wide open, with herbal production largely unregulated and many supplements mixing herbs, food extracts, vitamins and minerals into remedy-like potions.
  • Unfortunately, sunglass standards and labeling are voluntary and unregulated, so look for replicas that have the style you like and also provide information about their UV protection and materials.
  • A modern example of how unregulated industry creates pollution can be seen in the industrialization of China, that's moved into the number one slot as the world's most polluting country.
  • This is very impressive considering that the skin care industry is generally unregulated, allowing manufacturers to use all kinds of nasty ingredients without consumers' knowledge.