Sentence Examples

  • The benefit for the dentist for becoming part of the network is an increased patient load because PPO dental patients select a dentist from within the network if they want to receive one hundred percent reimbursement for their dental work.
  • When looking for affordable medical health care insurance coverage, you may find that you have to choose between several types of insurance plans such as health maintenance organizations (HMO) or preferred provider organizations (PPO).
  • Because PPOs have contracts with the insurance companies, the member is allowed to see any physician he or she likes, but if the physician is not part of the PPO network, the member will probably pay more out of pocket costs.
  • The Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plan available from Delta Insurance offers enrollees the option of getting the best rates for services by visiting a dentist who has chosen to enroll in the provider network.
  • Employers can choose from a number of options, including HMO and PPO plans, high deductible plans, or a CoverageFirst plan that offers coverage for basic health care along with coverage for major illness or injury.