Sentence Examples

  • The recommended diet for those with diabetes calls for complex carbohydrates such as whole (unrefined) whole grains, plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits, with an overall intake of foods that are low in fat and high in fiber.
  • Beeswax is available either in an unrefined or unprocessed state, direct from bee keepers or craft supply stores, or it can be purchased in a refined state.
  • The diet follows the principle that unrefined, alkaline foods in their natural states are the healthiest and most wholesome choices for the human body.
  • Gucci's trinket watches attract admirers with dignified facets of elegance rather than the unrefined aspects present in other charm bracelet watches.
  • According to this authority Jovinian in 388 was living at Rome the celibate life of an ascetic monk, possessed a good acquaintance with the Bible, and was the author of several minor works, but, undergoing an heretical change of view, afterwards became a self-indulgent Epicurean and unrefined sensualist.