Sentence Examples

  • While there are many menu plans available, most include whole, unprocessed, raw (or lightly steamed) fruits and vegetables, slow-cooked brown rice, a source of protein and fat such as tofu or almonds, and lots and lots of water.
  • Ladies with unprocessed African American hair can try wearing these twists occasionally, because the curling technique used in creating the curls in natural black hair styles work within the natural texture of your hair.
  • This is not the equivalent to eating whole grains in their unprocessed state as these fortified cereals contain unnatural amounts of bulking fibers and can cause constipation in individuals who lack water in their diet.
  • After that initial sucker-punch to the thriving yeast community in your gut, ease into a more conventional diet that emphasizes natural, unprocessed foods with low sugar/milk content.
  • In order to cut costs, you can use packaged pet foods as a base for your dog's diet, and supplement these formulations with healthy unprocessed gluten-free foods from your own table.