Sentence Examples

  • It is quite unrealistic now to ignore these facts.
  • Rather they tend to be lonely, unhappy, angry, young, and single parents who do not plan their pregnancies, have little or no knowledge of child development, and have unrealistic expectations for child behavior.
  • While she may not have the stick-thin bikini model body that is so prevalent today, she knows she is an athlete and has publicly stated she is not interested in starving herself for an unrealistic size.
  • Parents should also be concerned if they feel their child is developing unrealistic expectations about body image from television or is excessively attracted to and talks about imitating violent, gory events on television or in the movies.
  • Following in the footsteps of the Acai craze, this raises the question of whether or not the claims made are true, and whether or not Maqui juice is just the latest product to make unrealistic promises based on a tiny berry grown in Chile.