Sentence Examples

  • This is an unquestionable drawback when long exposures near the meridian are required.
  • Enough has already been said as to the relations between the missionaries, the Boer farmers and the Hottentots; this grievance, however, " proved quite secondary to the intensity of feeling with which the colonists saw the steps taken by the government to deprive them of that labour (slave labour) over which they claimed an unquestionable right of property."
  • He had acquired great stores of facts, which it was impossible for him to have reduced to order, but which gave him an unquestionable superiority to his contemporaries.
  • From her early years she showed great aptitude for study, an ardent and enthusiastic spirit, and unquestionable talent.
  • Some of them have an unquestionable resemblance to the pies, if the group now known by that name can be satisfactorily severed from the true Corvinae.