Sentence Examples

  • Cancer is a social creature when he feels safe and comfortable in his environment, but at the first sign of conflict or social unpleasantness, he'll retreat inside his shell and may never come back out.
  • Oh well, life was full of unpleasantness and this was a minor one.
  • This produced unpleasantness with the Reformed clergy, and feeling himself no longer safe he returned to Brussels.
  • "I will the bridge fire," he said in a solemn tone as if to announce that in spite of all the unpleasantness he had to endure he would still do the right thing.
  • Smith, though recognizing the unpleasantness of beats, could not accept Sauveur's theory, and, indeed, it received no acceptance till it was rediscovered by Helmholtz, to whose investigations, recorded in his Sensations of Tone, we owe its satisfactory establishment.