Sentence Examples

  • Still, a football video game really is made or unmade on the field, and even there, weaknesses can be found by the experienced eye.
  • Traci sat on an unmade bed belonging to one of the Tucson Sector members, and Sofia eyed her Guardian.
  • There is but one insignificant waterparting - or kotal - a little to the north of Ghazni; and the road, although unmade, may be considered equal to any road of its length in Europe for military purposes.
  • Consequently, these nomads were the main pillar of the empire, and from them were obviously derived the great magnates, with their huge estates and hosts of serfs, who composed the imperial council, led the armies, governed the provinces and made and unmade the kings (Strabo xi.
  • The Thirty Years War in fact dominated all Richelieus foreign policy; by it he made France and unmade Germany.