Sentence Examples

  • American sorts have coarse thick underwool of a pale fawn or stone colour with a growth of longer black and white hairs, 3 or 4 in.
  • Fine dark brown underwool with bright black and flowing top hair 4 in.
  • The largest of rodents, it possesses a close underwool of bluish-brown hue, nearly an inch in depth, with coarse, bright, black or reddish-brown top hair, 3 in.
  • CAT, CIvET.-Size 9X41 in., short, thick and dark underwool with silky black top hair with irregular and unique white markings.
  • Chinchilla, La Plata, incorrectly named and known in the trade as "bastard chinchilla," size 9 X4 in., in a similar species, but owing to lower altitudes and warmer climatic conditions of habitation is smaller, with shorter and less beautiful fur, the underwool colour being darker and the top colour less pure.

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