Sentence Examples

  • COIN is a voluntary program established in 1996 that allows corporate investors to voluntarily help "underserved urban and rural communities" through financial investments that provide "economic and social benefits" to those communities.
  • In their comments on the deal, reps from the Samuel Goldwyn Company stated that they believed that the Christian market was underserved by Hollywood and that they planned to try to tap into it.
  • The FHA mortgage program offers an invaluable opportunity for Arkansas mortgage lenders to demonstrate their continued commitment towards serving low-income and other underserved communities.
  • This division of the SBA is responsible for overseeing the network of Women's Business Centers throughout the U.S., as well as for seeking to establish new centers in underserved areas.
  • The Home Possible mortgage can help people obtain mortgages in underserved areas as well as assist immigrants, retirees and first time homebuyers in attaining home ownership.