Sentence Examples

  • You can explore the seamy underbelly of the Barbary Coast past on the "Drugs, Thugs, Crimps and Pimps" tour, or go strolling on the "Flashback" tour, which takes you to the city's storied, formerly acid-drenched Haight-Ashbury neighborhood.
  • They are: Melvin Underbelly (gluttony), Oberon Greenhaze (sloth), Sir William the Black (lust), Goldo Golderson (greed), Jewel the Thieving Hero (envy), Kahn the Warrior (wrath), and Wizard (pride).
  • Design: The arms of these sunglasses are black, save for the red Prada logo that's located at the temple, but the inside, or underbelly, of the arms are coated in a vibrant red.
  • Femme: Femme is lovable and fashion forward because while the outside of the sunglass is done in a solid red frame, the underbelly of the sunglass contains gold polka dots.
  • Some of these parents have gone beyond just buying Star Wars bedding to actually constructing a bed that is part of a Y-wing bomber or the underbelly of an Imperial Walker.

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