Sentence Examples

  • Xander reached around her unceremoniously and snatched it.
  • Fred explained the beads—she'd gone to Mardi Gras—as he unceremoniously pushed Dean into the rear seat of the open vehicle.
  • From this post he was unceremoniously dismissed in 1879 by the European controllers of the public revenues, determined to economize at all hazards; and French influence prevented his succeeding his friend Mariette at the Bulaq Museum in 1883.
  • The Kapp coup in Berlin, which in some of its aspects sprang from similar anxieties in Prussia, gave the signal for political action in Munich, and at a midnight sitting the Bavarian Socialist Ministry was somewhat unceremoniously hustled out of office - it is alleged under military pressure - and a Coalition Cabinet under von Kahr installed.
  • Relieved, he pulled the blowing horse to a halt and grabbed Rissa by the scruff of her tunic, unceremoniously hauling her up and dumping her on the ground.