Sentence Examples

  • Cromwell's personal character has been inevitably the subject of unceasing controversy.
  • Judith made unceasing efforts to secure a kingdom for her child; and with the support of her eldest step-son Lothair, a district was carved Out for Charles in 829.
  • Campbell also devoted himself a good deal to criminal business, but in spite of his unceasing industry he failed to attract much attention behind the bar; he had changed his circuit from the home to the Oxford, but briefs came in slowly, and it was not till 1827 that he obtained a silk gown and found himself in that "front rank" who are permitted to have political aspirations.
  • Night after night during the intervening ten days the landing places at Anzac and Suvla were scenes of unceasing activity.
  • Since that time the American Journal of Science has enjoyed unceasing favour.