Sentence Examples

  • The waters, which are used for drinking and in baths, are efficacious in the treatment of wounds and ulcers and in cases of scrofula, gout, skin diseases, &c. There is a military hospital, founded in 1760.
  • Its remarkable efficacy in healing ulcers of the mouth - for which it is the specific - has been ascribed to a decomposition effected by the carbonic acid which is given off from these ulcers.
  • This releases chloric acid, which, being an extremely powerful antiseptic, kills the bacteria to which the ulcers are due.
  • Externally, it is not absorbed by the unbroken skin, but when applied to the broken skin, sores, ulcers and mucous surfaces, the ferric salts are powerful astringents, because they coagulate the albuminous fluids in the tissues themselves.
  • Ross (49), regarding the parasites as a quite different kind of Sporozoan, termed them Leishmania; and Wright named his variety from tropical ulcers Helcosoma tropicum.