Sentence Examples

  • You can either exfoliate with a washcloth rubbed in circular motions over your skin (the free way to do it) or you can buy any number of products designed to slough off the upper layer of skin.
  • Betaplex: This powerful anti-aging lineup includes cleansers, toners and treatments, all infused with alpha and beta hydroxy acids, which slough away dead skin cells and bring new ones to the skin's surface.
  • Paula's Choice Skin Revealing Body Lotion with 10% AHA is an exfoliating body lotion that contains 10 percent glycolic acid to help unclog pores and slough off dead skin cells to prevent acne blemishes and give skin a radiant glow.
  • The earliest practical trial of electrical telegraphy was made in 1837 on the London and North Western Railway, and the first public line under the patent of Wheatstone and Cooke was laid from Paddington to Slough on the Great Western Railway in 1843.
  • Many of them fell into the slough of pauperism, and were saved from starvation by public doles.