Sentence Examples

  • The dying back of the twigs of trees and shrubs is a frequent case.
  • The knees of Taxodi urn, &c. Many typical burrs might be described as witchesbrooms, with all the twigs arrested to extremely short outgrowths.
  • The small twigs snapped and fell about me in showers.
  • The small twigs, tied in bundles, are boiled for some time in water with broken biscuit or roasted grain; the resulting decoction is then poured into a cask with molasses or maple sugar and a little yeast, and left to ferment.
  • It is a significant fact that neoplasms contain very few nerve-fibres, even although growing luxuriantly, and there is a doubt whether the few twigs contained in them may not merely have been dragged into their midst as the tumour mass expanded (Young).