Sentence Examples

  • The other part comprehends inner Persis lying northwards; it enjoys a pleasant climate and has fertile and well-watered plains, gardens with trees of all kinds, rich pasturages and forests abounding with game; with the exception of the olive all fruits are produced in profusion, particularly the vine.
  • The second is common to all the Heteronemertines, as well as to Polia and Valencinia, and also comprehends three layers, of which, however, two are longitudinal, viz.
  • It comprehends a number of independent groups.
  • The essence, indeed, comprehends all natures, and everything that exists is a portion of this essence, by participation in which everything that is hath its existence."
  • Hence it happens that a consular year, generally speaking, comprehends a part not only of two Julian years, but also of two civil years.