Sentence Examples

  • Holiday Fancy Nancy - The perfect companion for the Splendiforous Christmas book, this doll, which is similar to Exquisite Fancy Nancy, wears a candy cane striped top and leggings and a pink tutu.
  • True to its deeply Russian roots, the costuming was reminiscent of Russian peasantry, with fitted tunics for the men and criss-crossed bodices over fitted blouses for the women, worn over a full, short tutu.
  • Each pack contains a different outfit and related accessories, such as a ballet tutu and ballet slippers, a pair of pajamas with slippers to match or a cheerleading outfit and pom poms.
  • On the refusal of the Fanti to deliver up the fugitives, Osai Tutu invaded their country, defeated them and drove them towards the sea.
  • On the very day of this defeat Osai Tutu Quamina died and was succeeded by Osai Okoto.