Sentence Examples

  • The Babylonian temples received garments as payment in kind, and the Egyptian lists in the Papyrus Harris (Rameses III.) enumerate an enormous number of skirts, tunics and mantles, dyed and undyed, for the various deities.
  • The Lares are brought out to preside over this solemn feast, and for the occasion are incincti or clothed in tunics girt at the loins.
  • England, France, Spain and Germany, dalmatic and tunicle are now no longer tunics, but scapular-like cloaks, with an opening for the head to pass through and square lappets falling from the shoulder over the upper part of the arm; in Italy, on the other hand, though open up the side, they still have regular sleeves and are essentially tunics.
  • The irides are of a light orange, and the sclerotic tunics - equivalent to the "white of the eye" in most animals - which in few birds are visible, are in this very conspicuous and of a bright scarlet, giving it an air of great ferocity.
  • These the angel souls left behind in heaven, and they are buildings from God, houses not made with hands, tunics eternal.