Sentence Examples

  • Jantzen tankinis in particular tend to stand out from many of its swimsuit competitors because the tops are well constructed, more often than not offer tummy control panels, and come in a wide array of eye-popping, but flattering, colors.
  • The most worrisome issues exhibited by school age kids may include intense grief and crying, feeling rejected, violent acting out, excessive anger, sleep or eating disturbances and random physical symptoms like an upset tummy or headache.
  • These swimsuits are very much like the lingerie you can buy to fulfill the same purpose -- the only difference being that the swimsuits are designed to be on show, so no one will guess you're wearing clothes with side and tummy panels!
  • Well-known for catering to the full-figured market niche, Lane Bryant has even offered such unusual designs as a kimono-sleeved poncho with a gathered waist to bring a bit of tummy tucking style to an otherwise loosely fitted garment.
  • Knowing Heidi and Spencer, who seem to love staging everything about their lives, Heidi probably had nothing more than a little tummy ache or maybe she finally just got sick of herself and Spencer…kind of like the rest of the world.